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Buy disposable medical face shield online,  High Light Transmittance PET Face Shield  / Sizes: 33x22cm, 32x24cm, 28x19cm
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High Light Transmittance PET material

Comprehensive Protection and Comfortable Wearing Experience

Protect Eyes, Nose and Mouth from liquid splashing

Effectively block spread of droplets

Transparent, Anti-fog, Disposable, For Medical Use

Tips on Using Face Shields to Stay Safe

Not everyone is aware of how and when to use face shields. Here are some tips on using them to stay protected:

While these shields do offer protection, they are best paired with face masks. If you are going to be interacting with people at a close distance, always ensure you wear a mask under the shield.

Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before putting on your shield. The same is applicable for when you take it off. You could even use a hand wash for a quick cleanse.

Ensure that the shield fits your face. If it is too big for your face, the gap could create outlets that expose sections of your face.

Clean your face shield with a disinfectant solution and a soft cloth after every use.

High Light Transmittance PET Face Shield

Sizes: 33x22cm, 32x24cm, 28x19cm

Face Shields - Achieve Optimal Protection

The coronavirus pandemic changed lives across the world. Protection against viruses became a priority, and a variety of tools were created for the purpose. One such tool is a face shield.

Popularly used only by essential workers at one point of time, now they are being used by everyone. As the name suggests, a face shield acts as a barrier between infectious droplets and the wearer’s face.

To make you ready to step out Myntra brings a range of face shields to your home. Our vast range of products, coupled with reasonable prices makes us the best online store for face shields.

Do not reuse disposable face shields more than once. These are designed only to protect you for a limited time.

We are supplier of face shield with the full ambition to provide the best quality product to the customer worldwide and to fight against the current virus pandemic. Please do not hesitate to let us know your requirement as we are pleased to serve you to fulfill your requirement. Thank you very much and looking forward to work with you. Our BPL face shield is made from PET which is food grade and is of grade A quality.

The benefit of PET material which is food grade and is safe for the body. There is no residue and is safe to the environment as well. While for the normal face shield in the market is made from PVC, which is not safe because it is not food grade and there are substance residues such as lead, mercury, etc.