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Anti Germs and Antiviral Face Mask for Sale at Wholesale Prices

-Soft facial tissue inner layer is extra gentle to skin
-Soft, latex-free elastic earloops prevent pressure on ears

PRICE:  $3 US dollars per box of 50 pieces ( MOQ 50,000 pieces )

-Soft facial tissue inner layer is extra gentle to skin
-Soft, latex-free elastic earloops prevent pressure on ears
-Easy breathability
-High filtration efficiency > 98% @ 0.1micron
Layer 1: PP/spun bond/Polypropylene 35g, blue
Layer 2: Purpose-made Melt blown 25g, white
Layer3: Hydrophilic Non woven 25g, white
Holding Elastics: Urethane Elastic Fiber, 14-16.5cm
Nose Bar: Polyethylene with Iron wire, 10.5-13cm
17.5*9.5 cm for adult;
14.5*9.5 for children;
12.5*7.5cm for baby
Ear loop: 14-16.5cm
Ties: 39cm
Length of nose bar: 10-12.5cm 
SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE: Cleaner, builder, farmer, doctor, student
Suitable for the occasion: Fog and haze climate, gray sky, hospital, fog and in climates, flu, dust, snow weather, construction.


How Long Can You Wear A Disposable Mask For?
For hygiene reasons, use disposable masks and replace them when they get moist.Masks can only be worn for a maximum of eight hours and it is best to change them regularly so they can remain effective. Here are the correct ways to wear and dispose of a mask.
Should face masks be changed between each patient whether there is visible contamination or not?
Yes, face masks should not only be changed between patients but they should also be changed anytime they become wet.
The mask should be changed with every patient because its outer surface becomes contaminated with droplets from sprays of oral fluids from the previous patient or from touching the mask with saliva coated fingers. Also, when a mask becomes wet from moist exhaled air, the resistance to airflow through the mask increases, causing more unfiltered air to pass by the edges of the mask. Thus one should replace wet masks to maintain high filterability.
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